The Search for New Toys!

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The Search for New Toys!

Twice a year, across the street from the Burbank airport, the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo happens. Two ballrooms and a tent fill with manufacturers of adult products: vibrators, dildos, floggers, lubes, erection supplements, penis pumps, shaving cream, an entire booth full of disembodied body parts with holes for folks to fuck, and the occasional butt plug as big as my head. It’s where we go to find new products, hold them in our hands and see if we think that they’re good enough for our customers. That’s where I was this week.

I’ve been working in this industry for since 2001. Over that time, I’ve made friends and colleagues. So, a side benefit of shows like these is that I get to see old friends, talk shop and meet new folks. Every time, I’m a bit awestruck by how lucky I am to work in this industry with such amazing folks.

But, on to the other important stuff. The toys!

Before I left, asked for feedback on what products folks thought we needed.

Here’s the suggestions: the B-Vibe, a remote control panty vibe that works well via bluetooth to an app, a good finger vibe, E-stim toys, attachments for the Magic Wand for penises and prostates, the Ose massager, new harnesses and Bad Dragon toys.

You all asked, and the industry answered. I found almost everything on the list. Some things are still in development and will be available later this year (it’s super fun to hold prototype sex toys in your hand). 

I also found some other things that I’m really excited about. 

New dual density, affordable, lifelike silicone dildos in a variety of skin tones. 

An updated Magic Wand!!!! It’s corded, has a silicone head, and all the variation in intensity and pattern that there is in the Rechargeable Magic Wand. Don’t worry the Original Magic Wand will still be available. 

Expanded sizing in the Temptasia boxer style underwear harnesses - they now go up to 5X! Their sizing is based on Torrid sizes, so it’s actually a 5X.

Fluid proof sheets that are pretty soft (do you all want these?)

A new chastity belt for folks with clitorises and vaginas that is clear plastic and easy to clean.

A sex game that is totally gender neutral (I’ve been looking for a good one of these, for, oh, a decade or so).

New packaging on Sport Sheets that includes people of multiple ethnicities and sizes (a long time coming and I’m fucking grateful. I practically kissed the rep when she showed me).

CBD infused lube - the Farm Bill that recently went into effect finally legalized hemp. Up until the past month or so, CBD products derived from hemp were in a legal grey area. But now they’re totally legal. And I can’t wait to bring some in!

And, a Clone a Willy kit where someone can make a cast of their labia and clitoris and turn it into a masturbation sleeve for their partner. How fun is that?!

There was more, those are just the highlights. We’ll let you know as things come in! And please keep telling us what you want us to have. We’re here for you!



  1. Jacq Jones Jacq Jones

    I found some! Some will be in the store by the end of the week! Is there a specific type of toy you'd like to see?

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