Compersion, it must be The Jam 'cause jealously don't shake like that! Tuesday July 24th at 6:30

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Compersion, it must be The Jam 'cause jealously don't shake like that!

Hey poly folks!   How's that dealing with jealous feelings going? They do like to pop up from time to time, don't they? Learning to embrace compersion – or a feeling of happiness derived from another person's enjoyable experiences - can go a long way to get you through that jealousy so that you can enjoy all the benefits of polyamory!

I've been called The Compersion Queen, but it's taken a lot of work to get that title and takes a lot of work to maintain it! Do I get jealous? The short answer is 'not really'. But you all are my people and know its a little more complex then that.  So, the longer answer is, of course I do... but it's what I do after recognizing those feelings that makes the difference.

In this workshop we'll talk about strategies for processing through jealousy, letting go of game playing and honoring your insecurities by embracing compersion. All with the goal of helping YOU find YOUR happiest self. Because isn't that what poly is all about anyway? Getting everything you ever wanted? So let's talk about what's really going on with your jealousy and how, with a new awareness, you might be able to redirect that into a state of happiness for your partner, thus creating more happiness for YOU! 

Jessica Von Dyke is a curvy, pervy, poly, queer, fierce femme living and working in Washington DC where she co-owns the radical holistic wellness center, Freed Bodyworks. Her passions are creating space, sharing knowledge, ​and gathering community. At Freed Bodyworks she gets to do all of those things in the service of creating a safer space for the healing of queer, trans and other marginalized folks while also heading up the education program which brings sex-positive, body positive knowledge to the residents of DC. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys making art out of her world through food, landscaping and home making with her wife and their muppet of a dog.

Sugar is located in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood on the corner of 36th and Roland Ave. There is plentiful street parking or you can use Hampden Park and Go!

For any questions or to schedule an ASL interpreter call the store at 410-467-2632. All participants receive 10% any purchases after the workshop!

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