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Lube, lube, lube.

Lube is just that – a substance that you use to make sex go a little more smoothly. Frankly, it’s virtually impossible to have too much! You can use lube for masturbation, vaginal and/or anal intercourse, tit fucking – wherever a little lubrication can help. Lube is especially good to use with condoms.


There are two things to think about when selecting a lube:



Water based with glycerin

Most widely available lubes (Wet, Astroglide, etc.) are water based with glycerin. Many people like water based lubricants. They don’t stain. They evaporate, but can be refreshed with water. They wash off easily. Lubes made with glycerin tend to taste a little sweet. Glycerin is sugar. Sugar feeds yeast. So, women who are prone to yeast infections should avoid lubes with glycerin.

Water based without glycerin

This has all the advantages of any water-based lube, and it’s safe for women who are prone to yeast infections. These lubes are also the best lubes for folks with sensitive skin.


Strawberry, margarita, the flavors go on and on. Some folks like their lube flavored, others don’t. Most flavored lubes are water based lubes with glycerin. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to yeast infections, we suggest that you avoid flavored lubes.


Silicone lubes feel very similar to oil based lubes, but, they are safe to use with latex (including condoms). They are very slippery and won’t evaporate. The best way to get silicone lube off is to bathe. Silicone lubricant should never be used directly on silicone toys. If using silicone lube with a silicone toy, make sure that you use a condom on the toy and that no lube touches the toy. If silicone lube gets on a silicone toy, it can ruin the toy.

Oil based

Oil based lubricants are very slippery and do not evaporate. They are not safe to use with latex like condoms and dental dams. If used with latex, the latex will break, potentially exposing you to a sexually transmitted infection. Sugar does not sell any oil based lube.



Thick lube is great for anal sex. It stays where you put it. It may feel too heavy for vaginal intercourse.

Thin and Slick

Thin, slick lube is generally the best choice for vaginal intercourse. It is very versatile and is good for virtually any other sexual activity. It may be too thin for anal intercourse.

Once you use lube, you’ll never be without it!


Sugar is a lesbian owned, multi-gender operated, for profit, mission driven sex toy store. By providing education and toys in a shame-free, sex-positive environment, we help people of all genders and sexual orientations experience their own unique sexuality with shameless joy and passion.

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