Self-Massage for People who Bind, June 14th at 6:30

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Binding (using a special garment or tight sports bra to flatten the chest) is an important tool for many of us who are trans, gender non-conforming and genderqueer. But it also can have serious impacts on our health because of breath constriction, muscle tightness and other impacts. In this workshop, genderqueer massage therapist Frances Reed will share a variety of tools for mitigating the impacts of binding through self-massage, stretching and best practices. A great space for those new to binding, those who've been binding a long time and those who used to bind but are still struggling with the physical impacts." 

***Suggested price is $15, but sliding Scale pricing available, see the guide below before picking your price! Inventory is difficult to manage with sliding scale - if the price you want is out of stock just email**

Please note that this workshop will take place in our workshop space while the store is open. The workshop space is separated by a partial half wall so the class will not be completely private.

This workshop will cover: 

  • -warning signs that indicate complications of binding
  • -anatomy and physiology of the torso
  • -exercises to open up chest muscles to counteract compression
  • -releasing the fascia which becomes constricted under the binder
  • -self-massage to address common pains and discomforts caused by binding
This workshop is participatory though no one will be required to do any of the exercises.

**This workshop is only for people who bind. For information on classes for bodyworkers or partners of people who bind please email**
Frances Reed is a transgender massage therapist and owner of Freed Bodyworks. For 6 years they have specialized in serving gender non-conforming clients amassing a toolbox of techniques to support clients in all stages of physical transformation of their bodies. Frances takes a harm-reduction approach to whole-body wellness acknowledging that people use their bodies in ways that support their lifestyle (binders, heels, cellphones, etc) and take a toll on their physical health. Frances’ classes and one-on-bodywork is centered on learning to restore and maintain the body to live in less pain and less discomfort. Frances is an anatomy geek, a social justice activist, and a dog lover. 
We want folks who need this class to have access to it, and we also want to pay Frances for their time and expertise. Please use the following guide before deciding where on the sliding scale you exist:


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Sugar is located in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood on the corner of 36th and Roland Ave.  There is plentiful street parking or you can use Hampden Park and Go!

For any questions or to schedule an ASL interpreter call the store at 410-467-2632. All participants receive 10% any purchases after the workshop!

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