Sex As Healing:Better Sex & Self-Care with Chalie, Sunday October 14th at 6:00

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Sex as Healing:Better Sex & Self-Care is a workshop for participants to create

their own healing practice by way of various self-care methods, including sexual activity.

This interactive workshop includes activities such as breathing meditations, meant to

create a connection to our spiritual and mental core as well as visualization practices for creating

and developing intentions for how we please ourselves and others during sexual activity.

The Sex as Healing workshop is designed to be a journey into how communities of color,

across gender I.D., expression and sexual orientation can use practices of self-care to

make sex more of an experience than an act and to heal from past trauma.

This is not a POC or Queer only workshop but it does center QTPOC folx. Everyone is welcomed.

Vacation.Charlie travels the world learning about healing spaces, sexual wellness and liberation practices and unravels what it really means to live a life unapologetically. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY Charlie does healing work through their psychic readings and as a Doula in training, they are a writer for and BlackGirlFly magazine and leads guided meditations for QTPOC folx

As a non binary transgender person who explores Sexual Liberation in all of its glory, Vacation.Charlie can only fully be described as an EXPERIENCE.

They have led their Sex As healing workshop across  the U.S. and recently across the world in The Netherlands and later this year Negril, Jamaica 

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For any questions or to schedule an ASL interpreter call the store at 410-467-2632. All participants receive 10% any purchases after the workshop!


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