The queen of the couples vibrators

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The We-Vibe vibrator has two motors and is designed to provide g-spot and clitoral vibration during vaginal intercourse. And yes. It really works!

WeVibe couples vibes are the best selling couples vibrators in the world. Because they work like nothing else!

This version has both a remote control and an app so that you (or your partner) can control the vibe from your smartphone - even from different parts of the world!

The Classic has the orginal WeVibe shape. Did you love the original? Are you looking fora WeVibe that you can use as an add on to a handjob, or clip onto the balls for an extra fun blow job and still do everything that the WeVibe does? The Classic is for you.




With the the app: 10 modes, intensity changes available in each mode, custom vibration patterns
With the remote: 10 vibration patterns, variable intensity within pattern

One year warranty

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