SU- Night Sweat: Sex & Menopause, 11/8 ay 6:30

Article number: SU- Night Sweat: Sex & Menopause, 11/8 ay 6:30
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Our 40s and 50s bring significant changes to our bodies. Those changes can have noticeable impacts on our sex lives, ranging from changing lubrication, libido, bodies and more. Just like anything else, the best way to face these changes is with information.

We’ll talk about what peri-menopause is (quick tip - it’s the years before your period stops when our hormones get crazy), what menopause is, what happens after and creative ways to deal with the changes.

Jacq Jones is a sex educator and the owner of Sugar. She has been working in sex education and reproductive health care since 1994 and she loves teaching about sex!

Sugar is located in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood on the corner of 36th and Roland Ave. There is plentiful street parking or you can use Hampden Park and Go!

For any questions call the store at 410-467-2632. All participants receive 10% any purchases after the workshop!

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