Discovery Dates

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Looking for a format to try new things? We've got you!

As we move through life, our desires can grow and change. But how do we explore our desires? Are there things we haven't thought of that will make things more delicious? Of course there are!

There are a lot of ways to learn about different aspects of sexuality. Reading books, going to conferences, watching videos and - this! A Discovery Date form.

Read it over, and fill it in. Are there things on here that pique your interest? Learn more about them and see if they might be a yes!

If you're in a relationship, have each of your fill out the forms and see where your yeses overlap. Then get busy on those yeses!

What do you do about the maybes? Leave those for now. Count a maybe as a no. But check back in a few months or years and see how things have changed!

A list of sexual options with check boxes to indicate,


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