Courage, a Key to Great Sex?

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Courage, a Key to Great Sex?

What happens if we approach our sex life with courage?

I started reading the new Brene Brown book, dare to lead. It is, of course, brilliant.

In the first chapter, she speaks about courage and how courage enables us to lead, precisely because it enables us to fail, to be vulnerable.

I began thinking. This certainly applies to leadership in business. And it's critically important in our path to sexual joy.

How we experience sex varies widely. Some folks have really good sex without thinking about it. Some need to spend a good amount of time learning their bodies and/or the body of their partner(s) in order to find pleasure. Some fall into a rut and have perfectly adequate sex.

The one constant is that, to have great sex, you have to have courage. Courage to challenge your expectations. Courage to speak your desires. Courage to have terrible sex and stop.

What would sex look like if we dove in with courage? Where exactly do we need courage? I started making a list.

The courage to ask for what you want
The courage to hear no and accept it with gratitude
The courage to say no with power and without apology
The courage to approach sex with the joy of play
The courage to have bad sex, reframe it as a learning opportunity and to let it go
The courage to try new things, and see the trying as the win
The courage to spend time honoring my body exactly as it is
The courage to masturbate with intention & ecstacy
The courage to explore how other people express their sexuality and take in what appeals to me, while letting go of the rest without judgement
The courage to acknowledge the messages about sex that hurt or limit me and to let them go
The courage to accept or give pleasure with sheer joy
The courage to do what I need to do to keep my body physically safer during my sexual contacts

I’m still working on the list. What would you add?


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