How Sugar Selects Educators for Our Workshops

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How Sugar Selects Educators for Our Workshops

Curious how we select educators? Or interested in teaching at Sugar? Here's some answers!

Do you want to teach at Sugar?

Or are you curious how Sugar picks the educators who teach at Sugar? 

We strive to provide our local and virtual communities with the educational opportunities they want from fabulous educators.  We are always looking for workshop facilitators who know what they’re talking about, know how to teach, and who support our goal of creating a space where all members of our community feel seen and represented.


There are a lot of folks out there doing sex education, and most of them are white women.  Because the experience of sex, gender and body image is deeply affected by how we experience the world, how the world treats us, and the experience of intersectional oppressions and culture, it is important that our educators be as diverse as our communities. We actively seek out sex educators of color and sex educators of all genders.  We also want to be a space where newer educators can break into professional sex education. We expect our educators to be really good at what they do. 


Below we outline our general policies around who we host for workshops, and how we are proactively looking to provide teaching opportunities for folks who are underrepresented in sex education because of a lack of opportunity.


Folks who want to teach email Corey More, our Virtual Education Coordinator, directly at [email protected] 


Alternatively folks email the store owner Jacq Jones at [email protected] or our general email that can be found on our website [email protected]. Those emails get forwarded to Corey.  


Corey reviews the topics that the educator works with and determines if any of those topics fit with the store’s needs. Next, they work with the potential educator to find a professional connection that is able to recommend the potential educator. 


If no connections can be found and the potential educator has a future class in a place that one of our Sugar staff members is able to attend, we attend the workshop.


If the potential educator doesn’t have any workshops coming up, we set up an audition.  The potential educator and Corey pick a topic from the educator’s class list and the educator prepares a 20-minute live or recorded mini workshop.  Sugar staff provides feedback to the educator and makes a decision on booking. 


All educators are required to sign an agreement that specifies that they will use language that is inclusive of all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations and relationship statuses, positive toward multiple body types, aware of the impact that various dis/abilities may have on sexuality or sexual practices and include options that address those impacts as needed. They agree to not make assumptions about participants gender, sexual orientation or relationship status. They agree to model consent, including asking before touching any participant or demonstration partner. They agree to emphasize confidentiality. 


Workshop educators are paid by splitting ticket sales between the presenter and the store. Occasionally we offer free workshops. In those cases, a fee is negotiated in advance and paid on the day of the workshop.


When doing in person workshops, Sugar is able to assist with transportation within Baltimore, however, we are not able to assist with transportation to or from Baltimore or housing expenses. We are able to share what we expect ticket sales to be with the presenter so that they can determine if the agreement is a good fit for them.


Workshop presenters that are current sex educators at the store who want to teach workshops are encouraged to do so and paid in the same manner as other workshop presenters. They are paid through their paycheck and not separately as independent contractors. 


If you have any questions about how this process works, please reach out!


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