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Your body is fucking perfect

New Year, New You!

Get started on your beach body!

Eat clean!


Oh dear.

Every body is a beach body. Take your body to the beach. Beaches are fun.

Food is food. Some food is more useful nutritionally. Some food is more useful as a tasty treat. The only way food is dirty is if you dropped it in the dirt. And frankly, that’s probably fine too.

This time of year can be tough. The tv commercials and news shows tell us to start the new year by losing weight, the magazines headlines in the check out line yell out new diets, fashion and wellness blogs promote the exercises guarateed to make sure we lose those "last ten pounds".

The message is clear. Our bodies are wrong. We aren’t enough in our present state.

Those messages, that our bodies are wrong, that if we were just shaped a little differently we’d be sexier, interfere with our ability to thoroughly enjoy our sexuality and our sexual experiences.

So this year, lets try something different.

Love the body that you’re in. Just the way it is.

Come to believe that your body is perfect exactly as it is. You are enough. Just as you are.

Start by telling your body how awesome it is. How? Try some of these practices

  • In the morning when you get out of the shower, rub your hands up and down your body and tell it “thank you” for getting you through the previous day.
  • Try some affirmations such as, “ I love my body, I’m grateful for my body”
  • Invest in some clothes that fit and make you feel good.
  • Give your body the gift of intentional movement. Move your body around the block, go dancing, take a class at a body positive gym.
  • Get a massage
  • Take a bath with delicious bath oils (you can even make your own)
  • Masturbate

If you feel some shame or “not good enough” creep in, acknowledge it. It’s ok. It happens. There are entire industries built on making that happen. Look it in the eye and then let it go.

The more we live inside our bodies, the more we love and accept them for being just right, the more fun we have when we’re enjoying sexy times. And sex is fun. Get deep inside your body and love it.

Your body is a site of joy. It is perfectly imperfect. You are delightfully, deliciously, abundantly enough.

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