Sex in a Pandemic

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Sex in a Pandemic

Sex with social distance? Yes, please!

Ok people.

We need to talk.

Social distancing means staying six feet away from people that you aren’t quarantined with.
What is doesn’t mean is fucking those people.

I get it. A lot of you are being forced to work from home. A lot of us are laid off. We’re all stressed. The world is upside down.

Having sex is a great stress reliever. Touching someone, having orgasms, giving and receiving pleasure - those things feel good. Hell, they feel awesome. They can be so, so soothing when everything else is going to hell.


You should not be having in person sex with people you aren’t quarantined with. Period.

This virus is slippery. It’s catchy. And it kills. We’re seeing exponential growth and the only way that a doctor won’t be choosing who gets supportive care and who gets a ventilator is if we all stay the fuck inside and away from each other.

Does it suck? Hell yes it does.

But, there are some ways to get feel connected and get off without putting yourself and everyone else at risk.

Fuck the one you live with. Do you have partner? Are you cooped up with them? Awesome! Here’s the time to try new things. Take one of our virtual workshops and then practice what you learn. Read some online erotica to each other and see what sounds fun. You know that thing you only do on special occasions? Every day is special right now. Get on it.

Are you quarantined alone or with people that you aren’t connected to sexually? Try some Skype sex with a partner. Don’t have a partner? Tinder and Grinder still work. Hook up virtually. Sext, have phone sex, practice your dirty talk skills.

Or up your solo game. Masturbation is a skill. Practice, practice, practice. Try new sensations. Haven’t explored anal play? Curious about your g-spot or your prostate? What about edging (get right to the point of orgasm and back off)? Your body is your personal play ground. So play. Buy a book or a new toy. Take a workshop. Remember, the more you learn about your own body, the better you’ll be with a partner. Take this time to turn yourself into a super star.

This pandemic eventually end. When we come out of this, lets come out with a deeper understanding of our desires and how to meet them. Glory in your body, it’s fucking magical. And leave those guests safely in their own homes. There’ll be plenty of time to show them your magic later.


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