Temporary Brick and Mortar Closure

Temporary Brick and Mortar Closure

We're going virtual


Effective 3/30 at 8pm Maryland is under a Stay At Home Order. As a result, our last curbside pickup hours are Monday, 3/30 from 4-6pm.

We will be available by phone, for online orders and for virtual workshops.

If you are coming today for curbside pickup, we do ask, that you call when you are outside, do not come up to the door and maintain as much distance as possible when you are picking up your package. We'll show we care by staying as far away as we can!

You all have been doing an amazing job of doing everything we’ve asked in the store - not one person complained about being asked to wash their hands as soon as they walked in the door and you’ve A+ at practicing social distancing from other customers and staff. I’ve always said, we have, hands down, the best customers in the country.

Last night, we decided that, we need to go a step farther. We have closed our brick and mortar location to customers.

We will still be taking online orders, offering curb side delivery by appointment and virtual shopping by appointment. The store phone is forwarded if you have questions. Anything that involves possible contact with the public (going to the post office, receiving deliveries, etc.) will be done by me with appropriate protective measures.

I’m adding gift certificates to our web store. If you buy one, we’ll send it to you virtually. You’ll be able to use it over the phone or in person.

Our workshops will be online and, we’re working on adding more. You’ll be at home - might as well learn some good things! You’ll be able to attend both live and recorded versions of our workshops. As usual any educator who does a workshop will be receiving half of the ticket sales, and will receive the same payment from ticket sales for recorded workshops. So, if there’s an educator that you love and you’d like to support them during this time, buying a ticket to their workshop is a great way to help them out!

I’m sure you’re wondering about what’s going to happen to our staff. My co-workers at Sugar are some of the most amazing humans I’ve ever met. They are people I love, who’s well being is a crucially important part of this business. After much discussion, and in awareness that Dr Fauci this morning said that we should expect to be doing intense social distancing for eight weeks, I decided to lay off everyone except our Director of Education (their hours will be significantly reduced). I will not be getting paid either. If we are closed for eight weeks, we don’t have enough money in the bank to pay both staff salaries and health insurance. We picked going to unemployment now and keeping health insurance. Staff will be getting one more paycheck.

Things are scary right now. I’m scared. I suspect I’m not alone.

Take care of each other.

Be kind. Ground yourself in love and pleasure.

Love and pleasure are what brings us together and what will see us through.

We're grateful to each and every one of you who is a part of this Sugar community. We'll see you on the internet!


  1. Jacq Jones Jacq Jones

    We do! In all three colors!

    As of this moment, we are not allowed to do curbside pickup, we are doing shipping only. Shipping is happening pretty quickly - you should get your product in about two to three days.

    Thank you for asking. The Chorus is a great product!


  2. Terry Terry

    Good Morning,

    Do you happen to have the We-Vibe Chorus in stock?

    Also, what short of shipping or pick-up options do you have available?

    Thanks a lot

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