We-Vibe Settlement

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We-Vibe Settlement


We-Vibe (official name Standard Innovations) is a pretty damn great sex toy company. They make the delightful WeVibe (designed to be worn during intercourse), the Tango (one of our favorite vibes) and more. They design high quality toys with strong vibrations. And they made a mistake.


They were one of the first toy manufacturers to try and harness blue tooth connectivity with an interactive app that controlled the vibrator. One of the things the app did was share information back to the manufacturer. The information was anonymized and used for product improvement.


Unfortunately, their Terms of Service with the app were not clear that the information would be shared with We-Vibe. As a result, they recently settled a law suit with regarding that lack of clarity.


If you live in the United States and purchased your We-Vibe in the United States before September 26, 2016 and your toy is a:

  • We-Vibe® Classic,
  • We-Vibe® 4 Plus,
  • We-Vibe® 4 Plus App Only,
  • Rave by We-Vibe or
  • Nova by We-Vibe

You may be eligible for compensation (not small compensation either). You can go to SICclassactionsettlement.com for additional information. Please note, We-Vibe says they may not have the process to apply ready until March 21, 2017.


Changes to the app were made in September 2016, the TOS and privacy protection statements are now more clear.


That’s the nitty gritty. Here’s some thoughts.


The media coverage of this has been a reminder of how sex negative our culture is. The hyperbole has been extreme. “We-Vibe spied on customer’s sexual activity!”[1] “Vibrator company secretly records user’s sexual activity”.[2]


We-Vibe recorded information about the use of its products when their customers logged into an app and used the product. Just like when you use the app with your Fitbit or your Garmin watch. If Fitbit had screwed up in the same way, I doubt the headline would have read “Fitbit spies on customer’s walking habits!” We-vibe fucked up. They should have been clear in their TOS. Consent is a must. And, they are paying dearly for their mistake.


To the tune of up to $10,000 per customer. I do not believe that the penalty would have been as high for a different type of device.


We-Vibe still makes some of the best vibrators on the market. If you’re looking for strong vibration with more thump than buzz, rechargeable and a one year warranty, check ‘em out.

And if We-Vibe owes you money, go get it.



[1] Burns, J.W. “We-Vibe Settles For $3.7M In 'Spying Vibrator' Data Suit”, Forbes, Downloaded March 15th, 2017


[2] Lutkin, A, “A Vibrator Company Secretly Recorded Users’ Sexual Activity”, Jezebel, Downloaded March 15, 2017


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