Boundless Garter Harness

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Looking for an affordable sexy, femme harness? The Boundless Garter Harness just might be it.

The Boundless is made of cotton, it's machine washable (use a garment bag), hang it up to dry.

There is a little flap behind the place for the dildo, so you can either have the dildo right up against you, use a double ended dildo, or close the flap for a little padding between you an the dildo.

As with most cotton underwear harnesses, the cotton will stretch and the weight of a longer dildo will cause the harness to pull away from the body. We recommend using a dildo around 5.5" or less. The O-ring is fixed, and will accommodate a dildo about 1.5" in diameter or less.

The sizing on these runs a little bit small, so if you're on the border, size up!

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