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If you like intense vibration this is the vibe for you. The Zumio uses pin point vibration that penetrates deep into the your body - including the internal clitoris.

For many folks, it may feel too strong to use on the tip of the clitoris (especially right away), but because of the depth of it's vibrations, using near the clitoris, around the vagina, at the base of the clitoral shaft, or anywhere else that feels good can feel amazing. When you're fulling warmed up, you may want to try the toy directly on the clitoris.

Great for a slow, deep build or for pin point direct stimulation!

Silicone and ABS plastic

Eight vibration speeds (no patterned vibration)




The company that makes Zumio is marketing this toy with figures from a "study" that indicate percentages of folks who achieve orgasm within certain time periods. We won't be sharing this info. Because it doesn't matter. Some toys work wonderfully with some people. Other toys work wonderfully with other people. Some people achieve orgasm quickly, some slowly, some not all. Each of us has our own unique body, sexual history and sexual function. Enjoy your toys as you see like. Don't worry if you fit into anyone's idea of what's most common or normal. Because, with your toy, and your body, you're the only that matters.

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