Spare Parts Joque Black

Article number: SP-Joque-Size B-1
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Far and away the staff favorite harness at Sugar. The women who designed this harness certainly knew what they were doing. It eliminates many of the design flaws found in other harnesses. It’s machine washable, fits anyone from a 24” waist up to a 63” waist (between the two sizes), accommodates both the biggest and smallest dildos we sell, and it’s vegan.

It fits and stays in place like a dream. Because it’s made of fabric, it fits more closely than a leather product. The waist straps are wide, so they don’t dig into your sides. The adjustments are done with Velcro, so micro adjustments are possible – it ends up fitting you like it was custom made.

Sometimes the person wearing a harness will receive a little bit of bruising on their pelvic bone. Because it fits so well, this harness reduces or eliminates bruising. There’s nothing hard on the front of the harness to bruise the person receiving the penetration.

Want to use a double ended dildo with your harness? No problem. The Spare Parts has a little pocket in the back that opens so that you can use a double dildo, or choose to have the dildo you are using right up against your clit, or you can close the pocket and have a little bit of padding between you and the dildo (an especially good option if you have hair between you legs – silicone can pull!).

And, there are two little pockets for vibrators to give either the wearer or the receiver additional stimulation.

And – it’s machine washable. If you have a standard washing machine with a center rotator, we suggest that you put your harness in a lingerie bag when you wash it (so the straps don’t get tangled and fray).

Which size should you get?
Think about what size jeans you wear and use those numbers rather than your actual waist size. Size A fits folks with a 24” – 54” waist. Size B fits 34” – 63” waist. If you are right around a 34” waist (or a little less) and you have thicker hips, ass and/or thighs, you may want to go with a B. The waist size won’t be a problem, but you may want the extra room in the thigh straps.

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