Je Joue Ami Balls

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Your PC muscles do so much! They are a key part of your orgasm, they help prevent incontinence (peeing on yourself), keeps your uterus where it should be and keeps your vagina in shape. Just like any series of muscles in your body, the PC muscles benefit from exercise. And, for many folks, it can feel great!

This set of kegel balls starts big and light (the bigger the ball, the easier it is to hold in) and ends smaller and heavier. Start out using the largest ball for 15 minutes and day and work your way up to the smallest heaviest. Inside each ball is another ball that moves around as you move. Each time that ball moves, the muscles in the vagina are reminded to contract around the ball. You’ll see the results!

While kegel balls are a great toy for anyone with a vagina - they’re especially awesome for after a vaginal delivery and for those blessed to be over 40. As we age, all of our muscles start to lose tone if we don’t work them out.

Silicone over metal

Ami 1 - 1.9 oz
Ami 2 - 2.6 oz
Ami 3 - 3.5 oz

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