Njoy Pure Plug Medium

Article number: NJ-005
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This medium metal plug is a great size for a variety of folks. It’s the Goldilocks of plugs - just right. The sleek metal allows no friction with insertion. The weight helps to relax muscles. Designed for long or short term wear.

Length: 2.5”
Largest Diameter:1.25”

| OntheMark 22-11-2018 17:09

nJoy surgical stainless steel toys are worlds apart from silicone toys.

The nJoy Pure Plug medium is the right size for anyone considering exploring anal play. Just the right size and weight for short or long term wear. The handle is slim to nestle sweetly between the buttocks making for comfortable wear, large to prevent the plug from becoming lost, small for comfortable wear.

The nJoy Pure Plug can be enjoyed with the bulb pointing towards the front or towards the spine for different sensations. Place in freezer or run under warm water for temperature play.

Doesn’t require lots of lube for insertion or wear. Cleanup is easy, dishwasher safe.

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m smitten with the nJoy Pure Plug. Try the medium, you won’t be disappointed unless you’re into a good stretch or prefer more heft, then the larger Pure Plugs may be your prefernce.


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