Ohnut (set of four)

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Some folks experience pain with deeper penetration. Some folks are sensitive to a body thrusting against their vulva or pubic bone. Non-consensual pain during sex is distracting, it's painful, it can make someone choose to avoid intercourse.

So, what do you do if you're partner's equipment is a little too long for you? Or fucking feels too hard on your genitals? Up until now, it would require changing positions, or trying to make sure the penetrating partner is holding back. Holding back only works until that person gets really excited and then things can go down hill fast.

Now, there's a solution. It's the Ohnut. A series of donut shaped squishy things that can go around a penis or dildo and limit the depth of penetration.

The material is body safe. It was originally designed in silicone. However, many people who experience pain with penetration rely on silicone lube to reduce friction and increase comfort. In order to accommodate those people, the OhNut is made in a body and skin safe FDA approved polymer blend. Like any toy that is not silicone, glass or metal, there is a chance that the material could be slightly porous. When something is even a little porous, it's possible for it absorb bacteria or virus. That's not an issue when it's being used with one monogamous partner or with a fluid bonded polycule (group of people in a poly relationship). However, if you have multiple partners, you may want to use multiple OhNuts.

BPA, phthalate, and latex free

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