Ready Set Grow!

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The sixth book in the popular, What's Happening to My Body? series; Ready, Set, Grow! is an illustrated book to help younger girls navigate the time that is puberty. Whether the changes are physical or mental, the warm and funny ways it tackles these subjects will help to make the topics less intimidating, while still being informative. With the author having over 20 years of experience in teaching health education to children and the many awards it has won; Ready Set Grow will sure to be an invaluable tool for the pre-teen girl in your life.

Author: Lynda Madaras

Illustrator: Linda Davick

Hardcover: 128 pages, Illustrated

Language: English

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks, 2003

ISBN: 9781557045652

Product Dimensions: 7” x 7”

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