Ruby Glow

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The Ruby Glow was designed by erotic author Tabitha Rayne to finally provide a toy you can use while reading or writing erotica. Though even if the above doesn't appeal to you, it still can be great for other uses as well.

The Ruby Glow is a non penetrative, silicone vibrator you straddle that targets the entire vulva with its two separately controlled motors that have ten settings each. The pleasantly ridged hump is meant to target the clitoris, while the valley stimulates the pubic bone. While the second, shorter hump stimulates the vaginal opening. And thanks to its seated and hands-free use, it can be a a good choice for those with certain mobility issues that make holding a vibrator problematic. Plus, it can also be used through clothing for those times you can't wait.


Length: 6.7"

10 Vibration Modes

2 AAA batteries, included


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