Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Article number: EIS001
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This waterproof powerhouse delivers air flow to create a strong suction to be used on the outside of the body. It’s one of our staff’s favorite toys!

11 patterns of suction

Silicone and ABS plastic

6.5” tall, 2” wide

Rechargeable (2 hours of continuous use)

| Claire 17-03-2020 21:23

Amazing toy! I was in the store planning on buying the not rechargeable model, and after some advice I opted for this slightly more expensive and higher end option. I am a slight newbie to buying higher end sex toys, and this was a great purchase! Everyone in the store raves about this product, and I second it. It gives me orgasms in just a few minutes, and then a few more! It’s a bit loud, so maybe not the best for people with roommates, but just take it in the shower and you’re set. Controls are intuitive and easy.

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