The Every Body Book

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This LGBTQ+ inclusive, award winning book is an illustrative guide to sex, gender and relationships aimed towards children of 8-12 years old and their families.

Covering topics such as the spectrum of gender and sexual orientation, hormones and puberty, consent, sex and safety. If you or your children have questions, this handy guide will be sure to answer them or at least put you on the right track. And don't worry as there's more resources for adults listed as well!

Author: Rachel E Simon

Illustrator: Noah Grigni

Hardcover: 96 pages, Illustrated

Language: English

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2020

ISBN: 9781787751736

Product Dimensions: 9.8" x 6.9"

AASECT Book Award for Children under 18 years old

American Library Association 2021 Rainbow Book List Top 10 Title for Young Readers


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