The No Giggle Guide to Anal Play

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The No Giggle Guide to Anal Play with The Black Pomegranate: MrBLK and Foxxy

Statically speaking, over a quarter of sexually active adults have engaged in some type of anal play at some point. Despite this prevalence, anal sex and pleasure is still considered taboo at times.

Think of some of the names given to anal sex. Doggystyle. The back door or dirty hole. Packing fudge. Hitting it from the back. Some of these names are respectively immature, oversimplified, gross or offensive. It is almost a given that a conversation about anal play will devolve into guffaws, misinformation or shaming stereotypes.

Join Kink Educators MrBLK and Foxxy for “The No Giggle Guide to Anal Play” and unpack the embarrassment surrounding anal play. With accurate, pleasure and consent focused information, this class will explore the benefits of safer and satisfying anal play.

This class will cover anal anatomy and health, play techniques, toys and negotiations for anal play scenes.

This class is suitable for anyone who is interested in anal play. This presentation is intentionally gender non-conforming, anti-racist and body positive.

The Black Pomegranate are collectively MrBLK and Foxxy, two Baltimore based kink and sex educators. 

MrBLK is an experienced bondage rigger, kink educator and co-owner of the blog MrBLK has presented locally and nationally on rope bondage, diversity and BDSM play techniques. With a focus on making rope more accessible and approachable, MrBLK advocates for the axiom that rope is truly for everybody.  

A Baltimore native, MrBLK is a graduate student and board president for a national, sex positive nonprofit. 

Foxxy is a former Mid Atlantic Leather Woman and Mid Atlantic Leather Woman Bootblack who is also a co-owner of A skilled Femme Domme, Foxxy is also an experienced rope bottom, a nationally known Bootblack, and an experienced social media professional.

A longtime Baltimore resident, Foxxy devotes her time and energy as a leader in the Mid Atlantic Leather community

This live webinar will take place November 11th, 2020 at 7pm EST. Attendees will receive access to the recording of the class as well as a 10% store discount after attending!

Only available to those 18 years and older. 

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