The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women

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Many women are intrigued by the idea of exploring anal eroticism, but may be uncertain how to proceed. This user-friendly, sexy, honest, and fun guide offers comprehensive information on all aspects of anal eroticism for all women--heterosexual, bisexual, or lesbian. Illustrations.

Revised and updated throughout, including all-new chapters specifically for beginners and for women giving anal pleasure to men, "The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women" is a comprehensive and creative guide to anal pleasure. Tristan Taormino offers the kind of informed reassurance that can encourage even an absolute beginner to explore this nerve-rich part of the body, either alone or with a partner of any gender. Anal sex enthusiasts may need no encouragement, but will welcome Taormino's sense of adventure and her detailed discussions of toys, fantasy play, and positions. Beginning by dispelling common myths about anal eroticism, Taormino goes on to illustrate anatomy, give tips on building trust and communicating desires, and provide reliable, easy-to-understand information on safety, preparation, hygiene, and much more. This new edition has been substantially expanded and revised to include new information on masturbation, anal health, BDSM and anal sex, and many other topics. In a new feature, Taormino answers actual reader questions.

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