Tomboi Brief Modal

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From Spare Parts, the Tomboi brief harness in modal is just like your cotton underware - but it holds it's shape AND your dildo (if you'd like a brief style harness with some shine that's also great in the shower, check out the Tomboi brief in nylon). This harness fits closely and with the patented stretchy o-ring, you can accommodate almost any size dildo. It also has two pockets for bullet style vibrators for extra stimulation!

Because it is a brief style harness, we recommend sticking with a dildo that's on the medium to small side rather than a larger dildo. The weight of a larger dildo may cause the harness to pull away from the body and reduce the amount of control the wearer experiences.

The Tomboi is sized with waist sizes that vary buy 3". If you are someone who changes sizes frequently, or you would like to share your harness with a partner, check out the Joque harness - it's adjustable!


  • XS: 26"-28"
  • S: 29"-32"
  • M: 33"-37"
  • L: 38"-40"
  • XL: 41"-44"
  • 2X: 45"-48"
  • 3X: 49"-52"


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