We Vibe Moxie

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From WeVibe, this rechargeable, magnetic panty vibe has the strong rumbly vibrations you've come to expect from WeVibe, but it's as quiet as a whisper. And it works with the WeConnect App! So, control the vibe anywhere, from anywhere! Or use the included remote control.

This is the first panty vibe we've had that is designed to work with any pair of underwear you choose. The magnet holds the the vibe to the underwear!

Silicone over hard plastic (easy to clean, but don't boil this!)

10 vibration modes

3.62 x 2.53 x 1.40 in.



** Blue tooth connectivity in sex toys is still in it's infancy. As a result it can be glitchy. The WeConnect App tends to work better with iPhones than Androids. And, the phone of the person wearing the toy needs to be fairly close for it to work. That may mean carrying the phone in a front pants or skirt pocket, or a fanny pack (supposedly they're cool again). The remote, however, can work at a little bit more distance. One of the advantages of the app, other than controlling toys, is that it can be used to video and/or text chat. So, if you want to get a little dirty, there's no chance of that text stream showing up if someone picks up your phone!**

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