Womanizer Premium 2

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The sequel to one of the best air pulsating toys adds more features for the same price!

The Womanizer Premium 2 offers the same, super strong and thuddy air pulsating technology as the original Premium. But there's now 14 intensity levels of pulsating air, giving you more control over your pleasure. Though if you're feeling indecisive or want to be surprised, the improved Autopilot mode switches intensities automatically to keep you on your toes, wink wink. And it'll keep you on those toes for a very long time, up to fours hours to be exact. It still includes an extra silicone head to accommodate more bodies and is completely submersible. Making this still a great option for use in the bath as well as being easy to clean.

There is a Smart Silence function - it turns on when it gets near your skin, and turns off when you pull it away. So, not only is it quiet while it's being used, but you're never going to have a running vibrator fall off the bed and rattling around on the floor!

14 Intensity levels and Autopilot Mode 

Rechargeable, 4 hours max runtime



5 Year Warranty

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