Womanizer Starlet 3

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The small but strong Starlet 3 from Womanizer takes everything that made the Starlet 2 great, and adds even more intensity levels, at the same price!

The Starlet 3 uses Womanizer's great pleasure air technology for contactless stimulation, which feels pretty similar to suction. The first level of intensity starts low but can be quickly ramped up with its six settings, that can get really strong. And to heighten that stimulation more, use with lube or underwater for a better seal because the Starlet 3 is completely waterproof. Which you won't have to wait long to experience because the Starlet 3 charges to 100% in roughly 30 minutes. Womanizer didn't stop there as the silicone head is removable; so clean up is easy as well as making this more accommodating for different bodies.

Silicone head; ABS plastic body

6 Intensity levels



5 Year Warranty


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